Zablujena Generacija

Zablujena generacija is also known as The Stray Generation (for use outside of Slovenia) Zablujena generacija is the leading punk’n’roll band in Slovenia for the past ten years. They started as most bands did: learned three chords and hoping that the girls in their neighbourhood would give them a second glance. But through many performances on stage, they have evolved into a stage attraction which anyone who has seen their show can confirm. These punks were born on stage and the stage is their home. The interaction with the crowd comes naturally to them and with pure kerosene flowing through their veins, they can ignite anyone willing to lis... preberi veè »
Oznake: punk rock, slovenian, punk, slovenia, male vocalists
Poslušano: 70 krat
Mi Smo Stare Pizde
Gremo Drugam
Bodi ti
Zavrti si
Naslov: Gremo Drugam
Album: Mi Smo Stare Pizde
Dolžina: 03:18
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