Sonohra is an italian duet constituted by the brothers Diego and Luca Fainello, native to the city of Verona. They were winners of the edition 2008 of the Festival of the Song of San Remo. Luca and Diego Fainello are two brothers who were born in an artists' family in Verona, Italy. Their father was an artistic photographer and bass guitar player in a band, their mother was a singer and their grandfather, violinist, entrusting to the boys an infallible tool. This formation from house materialized in the Academy of Art of Verona. Luca, being the oldest, was the first one in seriously choosing the music as a way to be continued. His decisi... preberi veè »
Oznake: italian, pop, rock, italian streamable, sanremo
Poslušano: 67 krat
Liberi Da Sempre
Love Show
English Dance
Liberi da sempre
Cinquemila mini mani
Io e te
So la donna che sei
Sono io
I Believe
Zavrti si
Naslov: Sanremo 2008
Album: Liberi Da Sempre
Dolžina: 00:00
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