Signet Mae

From the beginning, Signet Mae wanted to write great songs with a soulful honesty that also reflected a genuine artistic passion. A passion to explore songs rich in atmospheric sound scapes that combine beautiful melodies with lyrical sincerity. Nathan Russo, Ryan Belfield, Luke Sheldon, Adam Corcoran and Danny Batelic all grew up in different suburbs of Victoria, Australia and each of them point to significant early musical discoveries as life altering moments. This musical connection provided an outlet for creativity and an escape route from the mundane reality of suburban existence. Nathan and Ryan met through friends and soon discov... preberi veè »
Oznake: atmospheric, australian
Poslušano: 153 krat
Concrete Ghosts
Call You Out
Concrete Ghosts
Don't Tell
Moving Car
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Naslov: Concrete Ghosts
Album: Concrete Ghosts
Dolžina: 05:40
Naslov: Call You Out
Album: Concrete Ghosts
Dolžina: 04:46
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