Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (born Wednesday, February 2, 1977), known simply as Shakira, is a Grammy-award winning Colombian singer-songwriter, musician, composer, record producer, music-video director, dancer, choreographer, instrumentalist and philanthropist who has sold over fifty million records worldwide. She has been in the music industry since 1990, releasing her first album the following year. A child prodigy, she began writing poems and songs at age four and taught herself the guitar at age ten. The death of a half sibling and her father's reaction to it inspired her to write her first full song at age eight. Little known outs... preberi veè »
Oznake: pop, latin, female vocalists, spanish, rock
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Fifa 2010
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Naslov: I'll Stand By You (feat. The Roots)
Album: Neznan
Dolžina: 03:55
Naslov: Waka Waka
Album: Fifa 2010
Dolžina: 02:24
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