Robert Miles

Robert Miles (born Roberto Concina, November 3, 1969, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland) is a dj in the trance genre, although his music is more appropriately labelled as ambient or chillout. He was born to Antonietta and Albino Concino. Although not a musical prodigy, Miles became proficient at playing piano during his youth and has been in the music 'scene' since 1988. He worked as DJ in some Italian clubs and in 1990, he invested his savings and bought second-hand equipment to establish his own studio; however, his initial compositions went unnoticed. In 1994, Miles wrote his most famous dream trance work, titled Children. The single picked ... preberi veè »
Oznake: trance, electronic, chillout, ambient, dance
Poslušano: 34 krat
Children (Dream Version Edit)
Fable (Message Version Edit)
In My Dreams
Princess Of Light
In The Dawn
Children (Original Version Edit)
Red Zone
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Naslov: Fable
Album: Dreamland
Dolžina: 07:42
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