OSKAR may refer to: A) A Russian Pop Star B) OSKAR is an incongruous collaboration between former Collapsed Lung bassist and fine artist Jonny Dawe and former Strangelove keyboard player and soundtrack composer Nick Powell, that feels comfortable calling itself art rock, and drawing on sources such as Krautrock, systems composers Michael Nyman and Steve Reich, Sonic Youth, folk-psych and ambient musics. OSKAR was originally formed not to rock the world in a dazed'n'confused manner, but in order to create an original soundtrack for performance art group The Max Factory, which was performed throughout Europe. Other OSKAR projects inclu... preberi veè »
Oznake: ambient, experimental, post rock, serbian, lesser known yet streamable artists
Poslušano: 15 krat
Povezava: http://www.last.fm/music/Oskar
Medo,brundo feat.Drugari
Zmija i ?aba feat.Slavica ?uktera?
Cici mici
Dva drugara feat.Rajko
Geto feat.Milenko i Aron
Zmija i ?aba disco remix
Superstar feat.Beauty Queens I ?.Marjanovi?
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Naslov: Zmija I Zaba (disco Remix)
Album: Erotika
Dolžina: 03:01
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