Laurent Wolf

Beat, sound, nightclubbing, this is Laurent Wolf's universe. Laurent Wolf soaks in this holy night-trilogy since his debuts, as for 12 years already, he forged his vinyls platinums in his Mantes La Jolie's kid's room. A whole life dedicated to the boom boom beat, the dance beat, electro music and 125 BPMs's nights. While making his first sets in a disco of the Parisian suburb, Laurent is "tracked down" by the manager of the Queen, who proposes him a weekly disco night in this mythical night club of the Champs Elysees ("a paradise for the DJs, especially at that time. We removed handcuffs and we just had fun. It was a bril... preberi veè »
Oznake: house, dance, electronic, club, tribal house
Poslušano: 59 krat
Walk The Line
Walk The Line
No Stress
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Naslov: No Stress
Album: Walk The Line
Dolžina: 03:15
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