Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson (born 17th November 1972) is an Olympia-based singer-songwriter, and a prominent part of the anti-folk movement. Dawson became well known as a member of The Moldy Peaches. Since the Moldy Peaches took a break from performing and recording in 2004, Dawson has released a string of lo-fi homemade albums, and toured widely in North America and Europe. In 2005 the Pharmacy and Matty Pop Chart performed as her backing band on a U.S. tour. In 2006 she collaborated with a number of friends to make a group, Antsy Pants, that recorded and released an album on Plan It X Records. Dawson's songs are featured in the films The Guatema... preberi veè »
Oznake: indie, anti-folk, singer-songwriter, female vocalists, folk
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Juno Ost
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Naslov: Loose Lips
Album: Juno Ost
Dolžina: 02:27
Naslov: Tire Swing
Album: Juno Ost
Dolžina: 03:07
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