Iggy Pop

James Newell Osterberg, Jr. (born on April 21, 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan), better known by his stage name Iggy Pop, is an American rock singer and occasional actor. Pop is one of the most important innovators of punk rock. Also referred to as "the Godfather of punk" and "the Rock Iguana", he is widely acknowledged as one of the most dynamic stage performers of rock. Pop was the lead singer of The Stooges, a late 1960s/early 1970s band that featured brothers Ron and Scott Asheton and Dave Alexander and was highly influential in the development of hard rock. The debut album was produced by the Velvet Underground's John ... preberi veè »
Oznake: punk, rock, punk rock, classic rock, proto-punk
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Lust For Life
Lust for life
Some weird sin
The Passenger
Turn Blue
Neighborhood Threat
Fall In Love With Me
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Naslov: The Passenger
Album: Lust For Life
Dolžina: 04:44
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