Future Trance United

Future Trance United Real Name: Axel Konrad, Sebastian Göckede, Nils Karsten, Michael-Lee Bock, Slobodan Petrovic Jun., Sven Gruhnwald, Dennis Horstmann Future Trance United is a joint one-off project of Baracuda (actually Axel Konrad only), Megara vs. DJ Lee, Pulsedriver, Rocco vs. Bass-T and Special D., which regularly appear on the Future Trance compilations. They produced a commercial Trance version of the famous NDW hit "Herz An Herz" by Paso Doble. The project name is now used as presenting name for Second Spring for advertising purposes. Members: Axel Konrad, Dennis Horstmann, Michael-Lee Bock, Nils Karsten, Seba... preberi veè »
Oznake: trance, dance, bluemchen, house techno electro, future trance
Poslušano: 75 krat
Povezava: http://www.last.fm/music/Future+Trance+United
Future Trance Vol 26
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Naslov: Face 2 Face
Album: Future Trance Vol 26
Dolžina: 07:38
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