Faith No More

Faith No More is an alternative metal/experimental rock group that formed in San Francisco, California in 1982. Their music combines elements of heavy metal, funk, hardcore punk, progressive, soul, film scores, rnb, hip hop, and jazz, among many others. Their sound is influenced by Killing Joke and Frank Zappa, among many others. Faith No More formed in 1982 out of the ashes of Faith No Man, a band formed and headed by Mike "The Man" Morris. Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin, and Billy Gould, all ex-Faith No Man members, decided they wanted rid of him, and rather than firing him, all three quit. They changed their name to Faith No More a... preberi veè »
Oznake: rock, alternative rock, alternative, metal, mike patton
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Who Cares A Lot: Greatest Hits
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Naslov: We Care A Lot
Album: Who Cares A Lot: Greatest Hits
Dolžina: 04:01
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