Dan D

Dan D brings one of the best musical journey that nowadays Slovenian rock'n'roll scene can offer. Altough the band has been on scene for 10 years, their album Katere barve je tvoj dan? (Of Which Colour Is Your Day?) was cruital for their musical career. Not only because of the unexpected popularity among the listeners, but also because of richest production work and musical creativity they were anxious to chalenge themselves in every song. In their roots the band carries the heritage of the best rock'n'roll bands of former Yugoslavia which makes their musical expession much more exciting and interesting in every way.... preberi veè »
Oznake: rock, slovenia, alternative rock, progressive rock, slovenian rock
Poslušano: 322 krat
Povezava: http://www.last.fm/music/Dan+D
Ure Letenja Za Ekstravagantne Ptice
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Naslov: Jutranja
Album: Neznan
Dolžina: 03:56
Naslov: San San
Album: Ure Letenja Za Ekstravagantne Ptice
Dolžina: 03:11
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