Cinema Bizarre

Cinema Bizarre was a german band from Berlin who met at an anime convention in 2005 . They describe their music as synthpop, New Wave, electro, Gothic rock and pop merged into some kind of glamorous pop. They released their debut album, Final Attraction, in 2007. As of January 2010, the band has announced that they would be going on a hiatus. ">>Dear fans, dear friends, As a band we reached a point in our career where it is time for us to start something new. We decided to discontinue working as Cinema Bizarre from now on and take a break beginning in 2010. We want to say thank you for all the faithful and devoted loyalty... preberi veè »
Oznake: glam rock, german, rock, pop rock, visual kei
Poslušano: 72 krat
Le Generique
Touching And Kissing
I Came 2 Party
Deeper And Deeper
Erase And Replace
My Obsession
Je Ne Regrette Rien
Dark Star
In Your Cage
Heaven Is Wrapped In Chains
Hypnotized By Jane
I Don't Wanna Know (If U Got Laid)
Out Of Love
Sad Day (For Happiness)
Tears In Vegas
Le Generique De Fin
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Naslov: Deeper And Deeper
Album: Toyz
Dolžina: 03:28
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