Alejandro De Pinedo

Alejandro de Pinedo has been involved in music since he was a child. In his teen years, he worked with several groups and in 1987 he started to work with Spanish professionals singers on tours around the world. These included Raphael, among many others. In 1995 he founded AGP MUSIC, an Indie label and music publishing company. Since then he has created hits in his recording studio, and worked with major companies in several countries. His work as a composer and producer is prolific. He has originated many hits, from Pop to Dance and Chill-Out music. Pinedo's work has sold more than three million CDs in more than 120 productions all ... preberi veè »
Oznake: chillout, ambient, cafe del mar, lounge, alejandro de pinedo
Poslušano: 125 krat
Cafe Del Mar: Volume 13
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Cafe Del Mar: Volume 12
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Naslov: Capricorn
Album: Cafe Del Mar: Volume 13
Dolžina: 04:52
Naslov: Aquarius
Album: Cafe Del Mar: Volume 12
Dolžina: 04:44
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